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About Doets Reizen

Family owned Tour Operator since 1981

Doets Reizen, a distinguished direct-selling Tour Operator established in 1981, has firmly positioned itself as a leader in the travel industry. Our steadfast dedication is centered around providing unparalleled access to some of the world's most exquisite destinations, including the United States, Canada, Iceland, and, more recently, China, Japan, and Scandinavia.

At the heart of our core values lies the perfect blend of convenience and premium access to the most splendid locations. We pride ourselves on offering accommodations nestled within the boundaries of national parks, creating a strategic approach that defines our overarching mission: to ensure that travelers can fully immerse themselves in the highlights and experiences, perfectly in line with our guiding motto - "Always front row, Very VIP!"

Our extensive portfolio features a meticulously curated selection of products and services, all meeting the highest standards of quality, with no less than 3 to 4 stars. This unwavering commitment to excellence underscores our dedication to crafting exceptional journeys that resonate with the aspirations of our valued clientele.

When technology gets personal

Doets Reizen operates through direct partnerships, enabling us to offer comprehensive package tours directly to our discerning customers. On average, each journey involves approximately 30 unique services. A remarkable 80% of our bookings are processed through our robust online platform. In 2023, we proudly introduced our innovative "Mijn Doets Reizen" portal, or "My Doets Reizen" in English. This fully customized online platform serves as a rich source of profound, inspiring, and contextually relevant information for each individual traveler. It goes beyond the surface to provide in-depth insights into travel destinations, landmarks, activities, and routes.

The "Mijn Doets Reizen" account acts as a masterful tool for seamless knowledge transfer, all within a visually captivating digital environment. By effortlessly delivering personalized and engaging information, this customer-centric portal adeptly navigates the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring travelers have an increasingly personalized and captivating experience. Essentially, it represents a forward-thinking, all-encompassing solution that takes the travel experience to new heights.

Mission statement Doets Reizen

Doets Reizen has a sharper focus than ever on curating the most exceptional destinations on our planet. We are committed to ensuring that you can fully savor these extraordinary places in a well-rested, extensive, and comfortable manner, embodying our mantra of "Always front row, Very VIP." Equally vital is cherishing the dear people you travel with. In an era where the world appears to shrink due to the internet and global retail chains make cities increasingly resemble each other, travel experiences risk becoming indistinguishable. Doets Reizen is more dedicated than ever to offering truly unique and distinctive encounters with the wonders of nature and cultural treasures. While our historical focus was primarily on America, Canada, and Iceland, we now offer incredibly inspiring journeys to Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, and Japan.

Natural splendor is our dearest ally

Doets Reizen is a forward-thinking travel organization that fully acknowledges the challenges of the future. Rather than ignoring the pressing issue of the climate crisis, we confront it head-on. As a result, our array of travel experiences is meticulously crafted to highlight the beauty of nature while prioritizing sustainability. We firmly believe that if this natural magnificence isn't preserved for a sustainable future, neither are we as a travel organization. Our unique CO2 calculator shows travelers the emissions associated with each travelpackage, empowering our customers to make informed choices. This means you don't have to rely on often misleading labels like 'fair' or 'eco,' but can see in black and white the environmental impact of a trip. Furthermore, our CO2 meter is approved by the government-affiliated organization, Milieu Centraal, ensuring that our data is reliable. The CO2 meter allows you to be informed about the carbon footprint for each aspect of your vacation. This way, we not only raise awareness about your travel's impact on the planet, but also provide you with a trustworthy tool to make choices that align with your values. You can find the CO2 Meter for each trip in the menu."

Embracing 'deep travel'

Our entire approach is dedicated to enabling travelers to immerse themselves in the Earth's beauty while minimizing CO2 emissions. In pursuit of this purer, more simplicity-focused style of travel, Elske Doets (CEO Doets Reizen) coined the term 'Deep Travel.' This fresh perspective has led Doets Reizen to concentrate explicitly on the core of travel. It's not measured by the number of flights or miles driven but by the depth and intensity of the experiences lived. Customer surveys have confirmed that what matters most is how a trip or vacation fosters intimacy and connections, both with others and with oneself, rather than the distance traveled or the popularity of destinations. As a result, we've expanded our activities to include destinations closer to the Netherlands, such as France and Scandinavia. Additionally, we aim to give Iceland an increasingly prominent place in our offerings.

Footprint & awareness

We also want to financially support special natural areas, as we have been doing for 'Pacific Wild' for years. Additionally, we want to inform customers in advance about the CO2 footprint associated with a particular trip. Doets says: 'Not in a patronizing way or to artificially compensate for that footprint elsewhere on the earth, but simply to make customers aware of the impact of their travel choice.'